Millikan Musical Theatre

The Millikan Musical Theatre program is one of the most respected and selective Middle School Musical Theatre programs in the state. Once admitted to the program after a rigorous audition process, students will have an opportunity to work daily with accomplished theater professionals in acting, vocal and dance techniques. In addition to the classroom and studio experience, students will also have the opportunity to be in two Broadway-style Musical Theatre productions during the year. Some of our past productions include, In the Heights, The Addams Family, Footloose, Little Shop of Horrors, Hairspray and many other exceptional shows. Finally, students in the Musical Theatre program will be able to participate in various festivals and competitions with other schools in Southern California.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does my child audition for the Musical Theatre program?

Students audition for the Musical Theatre program at the end of their 6th and/or 7th grade year. The auditions are typically held in March or April and will continue into May (depending on how many students audition). 


  • When is my child notified about audition dates and times? Where does my child sign-up for an audition time?

Students are notified of audition dates and times several weeks before the audition process begins. There will be several announcements made weekly over the P.A. system, as well as flyers posted around school informing the students that audition spots are open. Sign-ups are in Mr. Frome’s classroom (Room 45). When students sign up, they will receive paperwork clearly detailing the process. They will need to return some of these forms prior to their audition.


  • When and how is my child notified if he or she has been accepted into the Musical Theatre program?

Students are notified if they have been accepted into the Musical Theatre program on the last day of the school year. The Musical Theatre acceptance list will be posted on the “News and Announcements” section of this website. 


  • If my child has not been accepted into the Musical Theatre program, what does that mean?

Unfortunately, due to the competitive nature of our program and a very limited amount of spaces available, we simply cannot accept every child who auditions. It does not mean that they are not talented or that they wouldn’t be a wonderful addition to the program. It does not mean that we don’t recognize that there are some students who are already working in the industry or some who have been studying their craft for years.  It means only that we auditioned well over one hundred and thirty children for approximately 50 spots, and made our decisions based on what we felt was the right combination of singers, dancers, actors, personalities and team players for the year ahead. We know not being accepted can be a crushing disappointment, but it is also an opportunity for a valuable life lesson.  We encourage every student to keep on working and re-audition for Musical Theatre the following year. 

Regarding classes, students who are not accepted into the Musical Theatre program will be placed in an alternative Performing Arts class. We highly recommend students audition for several programs that are of interest to them just in case they do not receive their first choice.


  • What happens if my child is an incoming 7th or 8th grader from another school and would like to be a part of the Musical Theatre program? How does my child audition for your program?

We encourage any and all new students to audition for the Musical Theatre program.  Before they can audition for the Musical Theatre program, however, students must first audition for the Performing Arts Academy/Magnet. Again, these auditions are NOT for the Musical Theatre program, but are required as the first step. After students have been accepted into the Performing Arts program, they must RE-AUDITION for the Musical Theatre program. 

To further clarify, auditions and assessments for Musical Theatre are held by Musical Theatre staff only. Musical Theatre is an entirely separate program and is assessed differently than acceptance into the Millikan Performing Arts.  If you have already been accepted into Millikan Performing Arts and would like to audition for the Musical Theatre program, please use the “Contact” page on this website and the Director of the Musical Theatre program, Mr. Frome, will schedule a time.


  • Does my child need to audition again for acceptance into the program if they have already completed a year in the program?

Generally, we do not require students to re-audtion for the program if they have already been in the program the prior year. There are cases, however, where we may ask a student to re-audition if we feel that the student is not fulfilling the commitment and responsibilities of our program.


  • When my child is accepted into Musical Theatre, what will their year look like in the program itself?

Musical Theatre produces two full-length Broadway productions a year. Your student will have a role and be on stage for one production and be a “Pit Choir” member for the other production. (Pit Choir is essentially an orchestra of voices that supports the cast on stage and sits where an orchestra would be). These tasks will switch once the first show is completed and we begin rehearsals for our next show.

Every day, your student will spend a period with each Musical Theatre faculty member. For instance, your child may be with Mr. Frome 5th period, Mr. Krubsack 6th period, and Ms. Tyler for Homeroom. This “rotation” may change while we are rehearsing for our shows.


  • How long will be child be rehearsing when they are in the shows? What are the hours?

Typically, we will begin after-school rehearsals a month before the production. During that time, students may be required to stay until 5pm once or twice a week. Two weeks prior to the show, cast members may be in rehearsals until 8pm. We ask that ALL students cast in a show be “off the books” (schedules closed off) during the two weeks before production as leaving for auditions, other rehearsals, commercial shoots, sports events, etc. will not be permitted. It is not fair to other cast, crew and Pit members if a student misses rehearsals. Therefore, unexcused absences may result in losing a role. 


Should you have questions that have not been answered above, please feel free to use the “Contact” form to reach our Director of Musical Theatre, Mr.Frome.