Millikan Musical Theatre

The Millikan Musical Theatre program is one of the most respected and selective Middle School Musical Theatre programs in the state. Once admitted to the program after a rigorous audition process, students will have an opportunity to work daily with accomplished theater professionals in acting, vocal and dance techniques. In addition to the classroom and studio experience, students will also have the opportunity to be in two Broadway-style Musical Theatre productions during the year. Some of our past productions include, In the Heights, The Addams Family, Footloose, Little Shop of Horrors, Hairspray and many other exceptional shows. Finally, students in the Musical Theatre program will be able to participate in various festivals and competitions with other schools in Southern California.

News & Announcements

Musical Theatre: 2019-2020

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Unfortunately, due to the competitive nature of our program and a very limited amount of spaces available, we simply cannot accept every child who auditions. It does not mean that they are not talented or that they wouldn’t be a wonderful addition to the program. It does not mean that we don’t recognize that there are some students who are already working in the industry or some who have been studying their craft for years.  It means only that we auditioned well over one hundred and fifty children for approximately 60 spots, and made our decisions based on what we felt was the right combination of singers, dancers, actors, personalities and team players for the year ahead. We know not being accepted can be a crushing disappointment, but it is also an opportunity for a valuable life lesson.  We encourage every student to keep on working and re-audition for Musical Theatre the following year. 

Regarding classes, students who are not accepted into the Musical Theatre program (if in the PA Academy or Magnet) will be placed in an alternative Performing Arts class. (Please check Advanced Dance course lists, Stage Tech, Drama Production, and or Advanced Choir lists)

2019 - 2020 Musical Theatre Acceptances: 

  1. Kirsten Adler

  2. Izabella Alagao

  3. Aidan Altman

  4. Lilit Aprahamian

  5. Isabella Asarisi

  6. Kayla Balikyan-Davis

  7. Enzo Barbieri

  8. Tyler Barton 

  9. Adrianna Bean

  10. Andrew Bogaryan

  11. Sophia Boulton

  12. Madison Braybon-Board

  13. Alexandra Gracie Burklin

  14. Sienna Ching

  15. Audra Cockrum

  16. Kayla Colbert

  17. Finn Cragen

  18. Aubrey Dehne

  19. Halo Diamond-Cole

  20. Maya Diaz

  21. Jacob Drucker

  22. Hero Duenyas

  23. Karly Emerson

  24. Savannah Skylar Entin

  25. Devon Espar

  26. Ceanna-Marie Feliciano

  27. Sofia Gandin

  28. Polly Geringas

  29. Maya Gitler

  30. Cassidy Gordon

  31. Alexandra Gossett 

  32. Noah Grismer

  33. Sydney Gunn

  34. Marley Hansard

  35. Xocoyotzin Herrera-Saldivar

  36. Kayla Holsey

  37. Julia Isaacs

  38. Morgan Johnson

  39. Peyton Jones

  40. Kenzey Jones

  41. Summer Kastner

  42. Sadie Lapidus

  43. Addison Lee

  44. Olivette Lee

  45. Noa Levy

  46. Caroline Loeb

  47. Thea Marsh

  48. Xavier Martin Porter 

  49. Alexis Martinez

  50. Madison Meguerditchian

  51. Caitlyn Murray

  52. Carly Nelson

  53. Julian Pankowski

  54. Jordan Pereira

  55. Isabella Perez

  56. Lily Rose Silver

  57. Hannah Sarnoff

  58. Audrey Schmitt

  59. Ayla Shelby

  60. Marissa Soto

  61. Mia Tatro

  62. Madison Thacker

  63. Ocean Threats

  64. Lucy Tocantins

  65. Mishella Vishnevskiy

  66. Kai Wright

  67. Anna Yung

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